• First image of The Grove
    Second image of The Grove

    The Grove

    5247 NE 43rd Ave, Portland, OR
    Building size
    22 Units

    The Grove is a purpose-built co-living community adjacent to the popular NE 42nd business district in the Cully neighborhood. It consists of four interconnected homes that share an outdoor courtyard grounded by a small grove of old cedars. The beautiful outdoor space features covered terraces with picnic tables, cafe seating, a BBQ, and fire pit. 

  • First image of The Outpost
    Second image of The Outpost

    The Outpost

    1235 N Prescott St, Portland, OR
    Building size
    16 Units

    The Outpost includes a newly remodeled four-bedroom craftsman home and a new twelve-bedroom building designed specifically for community living. The building has a beautiful, modern design with an entire open floor of dedicated common area including a large communal kitchen, dining and living space. The Outpost is just a five-minute walk to N Mississippi retail and a three-minute walk to the Interstate Max line.

  • First image of Society 62
    Second image of Society 62

    Society 62

    1435 NE 62nd Ave, Portland, OR
    Building size
    28 Units

    Property Website

    Society 62 is a co-living community located in the Rose City Park neighborhood of Northeast Portland, Oregon. Located just outside Hollywood district with easy access to the NE 60th Max stop and the Providence Hospital and administrative offices, the property offers 29 bedrooms over three communities and represents market-driven, accessibly priced housing that also offers community connection to residents.

  • First image of The Village
    Second image of The Village

    The Village

    1318 N Michigan Ave, Portland, OR
    Building size
    26 Units

    The Village is a unique shared housing community in NE Portland. It’s like Hogwarts, but with a Scandinavian design. It consists of twenty-six community members across four separate houses – Royal House, Waddle House, Pickle House, and Whiskey House – each with its own unique culture and traditions. Residents can often be found hanging out together in the courtyard, sharing dinner, or coming together for events.